Board of Directors

Bill Paterson

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Scottish-born engineer Bill Paterson is the co-founder of the engineering consultancy firm WorleyParsons, which employs approximately more than 35,000 people in 44 countries. He retired from the firm in 1995 to become a successful investor in several listed mining and services companies.

Matthew Bottrell

Non-executive Director

Matthew Bottrell has an extensive background in strategy and investment management across Australia and Europe. Mr Bottrell is currently a non-executive director of Future Capital Development Fund, an early stage techonology fund. Previously, Mr Bottrell was the non-executive chairman of SMS central.

Gregor Aschoff

Non-Executive Director

Gregor Aschoff has served as a senior executive for a global consumer electronics and Telecommunications Company. He has extensive expertise in both retail and IT, including software development and system optimisation.

Nick England

Non-Executive Director

Nick has over 35 years of experience and high-level global relationships formed through his consulting and senior management roles in Australia, the UK and Europe. Prior to migrating to Australia, Nick held senior management roles with leading global health and beauty company Alliance UniChem PLC (now Walgreens Boots Alliance), which operates 18,000 pharmacies across multiple countries. As Group Director for Alliance UniChem, Nick was responsible for developing opportunities with key global network partners.

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