Board of Directors

Bill Paterson

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Scottish-born engineer Bill Paterson is the co-founder of the engineering consultancy firm WorleyParsons, which employs approximately more than 35,000 people in 44 countries. He retired from the firm in 1995 to become a successful investor in several listed mining and services companies.

Matthew Bottrell

Non-executive Director

Matthew Bottrell has an extensive background in strategy and investment management across Australia and Europe. Mr Bottrell is currently a non-executive director of Future Capital Development Fund, an early stage techonology fund. Previously, Mr Bottrell was the non-executive chairman of SMS central.

Gregor Aschoff

Executive Director

Gregor Aschoff has served as a senior executive for a global consumer electronics and Telecommunications Company. He has extensive expertise in both retail and IT, including software development and system optimisation.

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